Meet My Family

mm3307God has greatly blessed me with a truly wonderful family!  My wife, Kara, and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage in June.  We met at the Presbyterian Student Association when we were both enrolled at the University of South Carolina.  Kara earned her degree in Journalism and Mass Communications.  For nearly a decade, she worked as a news producer at local TV stations.  Now she spends her days raising our two children.  She’s been very involved in an area Moms Club and has helped organize group events and a book club.  When she finds some free time, Kara likes to read, bake, and do craft projects with the kids.

Kara and Owen

Owen was very happy to show us his desk at Kindergarten orientation this year!

Our oldest child, Owen, will be six years old in June.  He’s wrapping up kindergarten and is looking forward to a week of nature camp this summer.  Owen loves building with Legos, watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, playing outside, and doing science experiments.  He can also talk all day about his favorite college basketball teams!

Aaron and Rebecca

Rebecca did a great job filling her basket at this year’s Church Easter Egg Hunt!


Our daughter Rebecca is two years old.  She likes looking at books, coloring, singing, and dancing.  She also loves everyone who lives on Sesame Street, especially Elmo!  Rebecca spends most of her time building with blocks, sorting her crayons, and pulling every single one of her books off the shelf and onto the floor.

When we spend time together as a family, we like to visit the zoo or the local botanical gardens.  We also enjoy outings to a coffee shop for a quick snack.  We’re looking forward to more travel as the kids get older.

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